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Comment for a future friendship~!
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06 November 2016 @ 10:00 pm

The rest are arranged alphabetically, by television programme.

NOTE: For a chronological list, I also use the fanfiction tag.

List.Collapse )
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05 November 2015 @ 11:48 pm

I've been meaning to do this for a while, and, with the encouragement of biases (where would I be without you?) I have finally followed through. I feel a certain amount of satisfaction about this. (I think it helped that I typed half of it when I was supposed to be doing homework. It's amazing the non-school-related tasks I can complete when I procrastinate!) I even looked up table-y HTML! So I could have tables! I am just that dedicated...

More tables than Ikea.Collapse )
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I haven't been around AT ALL, which is rather regrettable, but I'm coming out of hibernation starting from now. And I'm going to abuse my powers of being back to advertise an ficathon I just signed up for, because it sounds fantastic.



Have you ever read a story and thought, "If I had written this, I would have..."? A remix is your chance to take a story and tweak it, change things, introduce other elements, shove everything into an alternate universe, tell the other side of the story- the list goes on. Think of it as doing a cover of a song. Add your own twist to make it yours. The possibilities are endless.


Anyway, it looks great, and signups close... soon?

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05 April 2010 @ 11:52 pm
Title: Making The Band
Author: jeonggam
Rating: PG-13 (swearing)
Characters: Tenth Doctor, the Magnificent Seven
Word Count: ~4000
Notes: AU fic, crossed over with Doctor Who and interspersed with healthy amounts of crack. Dedicated to biases, or the only other person on my flist who will actually know who everyone is. ILU.
Summary: He promises to return with band members—"Seven!" King JYP insists, waving around the planet's self-destruct button like a sparkler, "I need seven members to match my spaceship collection or they won't match!"—within the next standard week.

After a few days where the only exciting thing to happen to him is a haircut, the Doctor accidentally stops JYPE's King, known very originally as King JYP, from blowing up his planet, just in the nick of time. Collapse )
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~Doojoon/Yoseob Picspam~



♥ ♥ ♥Collapse )
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Title: Four Times Yoseob Keeps Doojoon Awake, And One Time He Doesn’t
Author: jeonggam
Rating: PG
Characters: Doojoon, Yoseob
Word Count: ~1650
Author's Note: This is what I do instead of homework. Self-discipline, I do not possess.
Summary: The other members don’t seem to mind, are somehow able to ignore it, or at least block out the noise, but Doojoon is always kept hopelessly, ridiculously awake.

He blames Yoseob, even though it’s not technically his fault, when he’s still awake hours afterwards.Collapse )
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13 February 2010 @ 06:09 pm
I love Omona. As well as the sizable amount of 2PM stuff that's been posted lately (CAN'T GET ENOUGH) someone posted this really amazing acapella group called Red Soul covering Heartbeat and Tik Tok, and it's pretty incredible:

There's more of them here, from when they were featured on Star King:

Seriously, these bros are ridiculously talented.

Anyway, going out tonight! I had like three different offers, as well - why is it that I won't be doing anything for weeks on end, and then everything happens at once? Yet another injustice in life...
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hearing: Nichkhun - Let's Take A Break (DAMN YOU BEK)
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09 February 2010 @ 02:07 am
Okay, I should REEEEALLY be in bed, because I have school in less than eight seven hours and I really need sleep, but I feel like I need to expound upon the glory that is the 2PM + YOON EUN HYE CASS CF THAT IS ACTUALLY A MINI MUSIC DRAMA again, BECAUSE IT IS BEAUTIFUL. Totally unsubbed, but who cares, BECAUSE IT IS BEAUTIFUL. Updated with subs now, yay!

Completely coherent and objective thoughts.Collapse )

ALSO CAPS, which are Unspoilery, if you wish to remain SURPRISED by the TWIST. Ugh, my formatting for the caps is a little off but IDEC.

So the drama.Collapse )

And not only that, but look! I bring convenient embeddage, for your convenience!

And this actually made me a lot more confident about Taec's upcoming drama, too. He seemed quite comfortable in front of the camera in this drama-type environment, and it's hard to tell just how much was actually scripted, but some of his eye-acting (the technical term) was rather impressive, too. Colour me pleased.
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